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Holy land Tours, Amazing tours to the Holyland

In your heart, a Holy Land tour is a pilgrimage that you have always wanted to take. You will walk in the footsteps of Jesus as you visit Galilee, Cana, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Garden of Gethsemane and many other sites that have resonated over centuries of Christian faith. Christian tours to Israel have become an increasingly popular and meaningful travel choice for individuals and congregations alike who wish to explore their Christian heritage. You will want to make sure that your pilgrimage to Israel is as full and rich an experience as it can possibly be, so IBMT ? Holyland Tours perfect blend of experience, local knowledge and standard of luxury make us the perfect choice to host your Christian Holy Land trip of a lifetime.

Holy Land Travel and Vacations

When a visit to Israel for a Holy Land tour is what you desire for your next vacation, one call to IBMT Tours will be the only action you need to take. We have an established presence in all the major cities with offices and travel advisors in Israel to help see you through the trip of a lifetime. When you take the Holy Land tour as your choice of vacation, know that many sacred sites with a rich history that defines culture and religion will be what are in store for you. Holy Land tours will focus on the origins of Israel and how other cultures have influenced society in the region and you find that pilgrim tours in Israel will be satisfying and reconnect you with your Jewish roots. For the many, a Holy Land pilgrimage tours are a spiritual journey that connects faith at the intersection of history and there are lots to learn from the experience. Our team will develop your travel plans in keeping with your interests and your desire to learn more about the country of your origins.

Holy Land tours, your dream has come true

•  When we begin your travel expedition of Israel, the first stop we will make is in Tel Aviv. It is the New York City of the Middle East and shares a moniker with NYC. Both are ‘cities that never sleep. In Tel Aviv, a vibrant cosmopolitan environment awaits and it is a major international destination that you just can’t miss when you visit Israel. Shopping, restaurants, museums, art galleries and old world history abound in this oasis of culture and sophistication.
•  When you start your trip in earnest, one of the many places you will visit is Caesaria. This location has significance as the site of the Roman capital of the region. If you didn’t know the ancient Romans once ruled in Israel and they built many things – two that you will see are the ancient aqueduct and the old Roman theatre that were unearthed during an archaeological dig. You can go to the site and see the progress and the possible discovery of many other artifacts that are sure to be on-site.
•  Megiddo is the site said to be where Armageddon transpired – a battlefield is still in plain view and you can learn of the history that is behind the fight. There are many archaeological digs in progress in this area and lots to see and do while touring the ruins. In this area, there is a water supply system that was installed to prevent oppressors from forcing surrender during times of war. This system is completely intact and sheds light on how old technology protected the local populace for marauding armies.   
•  In Acre, you can visit two cities, one above ground and one below ground. When you go underground, you will visit the Crusader City and a crypt that was established centuries ago. Walking through the Old City will be like a walk back in time and UNESCO has designated as a World Heritage Site. An honour that few old centres have, but are a shining example of the preservation of the old site of Acre.
•  When you visit Tiberias, as you inevitably will, options abound for activities for the day. If you want to go on a hike, Hamat Tiberias National Park is ready to receive you - a hot spring and synagogue are the highlights as the hiking that is available for the adventurous traveler. Certainly, the Sea of Galilee is a must-see and a boat tour on the water is a staple of any visit to Galilee. At Mount Arbel, you can visit a nature reserve; and a synagogue rises above the cliffs from the ground.
•  Nazareth holds great importance in Israel and steeped in important events that shaped a great deal of what we now know as Judaism and Christianity. Nazareth was home to Christ and his father, St Joseph was a humble carpenter in the town. A trip to the Church of the Annunciation is an important stop and Mary’s Well. It is said that the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary here and told her she would bear the Son of God.

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