Sea of Galilee-1.1






Sea of Galilee






Caper Nahum

Acre - Akko






Acre – Akko

Baptism in the Jordan River






Jordan River – Baptism

Nazzareth - 1







Mount Beatitudes






Mount Beatitudes

Nazzareth - Church of the Annunciation






Church of the Annunciation

Camel Trips in Judea Desert






Ancient time in the Holy land

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In your heart, a Holy Land tour is a pilgrimage that you have always wanted to take. You will walk in the footsteps of Jesus as you visit Galilee, Cana, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Garden of Gethsemane and many other sites that have resonated over centuries of Christian faith. Christian tours to Israel have become an increasingly popular and meaningful travel choice for individuals and congregations alike who wish to explore their Christian heritage. You will want to make sure that your pilgrimage to Israel is as full and rich an experience as it can possibly be, so IBMT – Holyland Tours perfect blend of experience, local knowledge and standard of luxury make us the perfect choice to host your Christian Holy Land trip of a lifetime.


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Dear Ornan,


The  “10 Day Tour Following The Footsteps of Jesus” was a trip of a lifetime for me. From the moment my plane landed, everything was well organized with a representative meeting me upon arrival along with a car service to the hotel. The hotels were beautiful, neat and clean. I loved the fruits and salads that were grown from the areas (truly organic). The next day, our tour begins with a tour guide meeting us in the lobby of the hotel. His name was Nedal and he was an excellent tour guide. Nedal had great knowledge of the bible.


Some of the highlights of the trip include receiving a re-baptizing in the Jordan River which was a very spiritual experience for me. Also, I was on a boat ride across the “Sea of Galilee”. They did a replication of the boat ride from two thousand years ago where Jesus rode in the boat with his followers. It was very realistic as the music played in the background and the boat moved as if it were in the middle of the storm. The whole boat ride was very moving. I was crying and got goose bumps experiencing it. We went to so many interesting places that I cannot mention it all. Israel contains so much history that I have to go back and re-visit again.


Thank you Ornan for arranging the trip!


Loretta Choy

Bridgwater,  NJ


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